Open Source Free Photo Gallery Plogger 2015

Plogger is a Open Source free gallery software developed with PHP. With Plogger, you can easily setup dynamic photo gallery in your website quickly without thinking about hiring a programmer to the job. Plogger is developed in such a way that it can handle small photo gallery to a large scale photo album.

Who Can use Plogger ?
Anybody can use Plogger provided you want to showcase some photos in your website. Be it a personal website or large scale business website, Plogger does the trick. If you are a photographer you can easily showcase your photography and art works on your website using plogger. If you are a furniture seller you can easily setup plogger to show the pictues of your products to your customers. Even plogger can be setup easily for online family photo albums.

Features of Plogger:

Theme support-
Plogger supports external themes. So, you can customize the design of Plogger to match your website’s theme and design as well as if you are tech savvy you can write or integrate your own javascript in the Plogger system. The basic package comes with three free themes.

Multilevel hierarchy- Plogger has two in built hierarchies- “Collections” and “Albums”. You can even customize this. Collections can contain Albums and Album contains the photos. From the admin panel you have full control on this and you can create numerous number of Collections and Albums and can put photos inside this.

SEO friendly- Plogger supports SEO friendly URLs for its picture pages so that it gets indexed easily by the search engine website.

Internationalization- Support for international characters has been included for names as well as  descriptions and captions.

Strong Security- It can prohibit SQL injections and XSS attacks. It also checks for directory permission level and doesn’t allow any “open” directory with 0777 permissions in Unix/Linux server.

RSS- Plogger can now publish your gallery content in RSS feed.

Based on all the features above I can say Plogger will be your good choice for setting up an online photo album. Moreover it is free and has strong support community. In our hands on workshop section we’ll show you how to setup Plogger and customize this for setting up photo album.

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