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Get facebook password sniper hack download free without survey. We shared both facebook password snipper v1.2 & facebook snipper v1.3 for free without any survey. Our visitor always ask us to upload working sniper tool for favebook. So here on a special demand we are sharing this facebook password sniper only for our visitors. It is 100% working and free to download software.

One of the most interesting aspects of the internet is hacking. Since the time the World Wide Web has existed people have found out ways to hack websites, accounts, for fun and/ or for devious purposes.

Facebook password sniper is one such hack tool which allows you to hack the password for the Facebook accounts. It was made in May 2013 and has been used by more than thousands of people to recover or hack different Facebook accounts.

The method it uses for password cracking is known as Rainbow Tables which also has some secret methods ideally which cannot be shared publicly. This hack has been tested on more than thousand accounts before it was released.

Facebook Password Sniper Hack 2017

facebook password sniper hack

facebook sniper

Facebook password sniper is the hacking tool for facebook account. It has been used by thousands of people from different location and finally recovered thousands of account with 100% working ratio. This given tool is work as password cracking method also know as Rainbow Tables along with some other methods. The tool was been tested in many different accounts. Test result was about 99% success ratio.

The tool is very easy to use as you can see in the above snapshot. Even a non technical guy can also use this amazing facebook password sniper verification code without survey and without any hassle. You can use this tool free for unlimited times. We have also attached the instruction file in the attachment to know how to operate this facebook hack tool.

First of all enter the username or id or profile url of victim in to the software. Now select the item to be retrieved. You can get two things with this tool: One is Password & Other is E-mail. Click on the link and then click on big HACK button at the right hand side. This facebook hack tool will start working. Wait for few seconds and then you will see the pop up of victim’s password and email address.


  • You can use this facebook hack tool for unlimited times
  • Very easy navigation
  • Simple selection of credit card type
  • Proxy supported
  • This tool is totally free to download from our website
  • How to run this facebook sniper tool instruction file is also included

Download Instructions

  • First of all download facebook password hack tool from below given download links
  • Extract all the files to desktop
  • Two file will be there: One is instruction file and other is setup file
  • First do read all the instructions for running this software
  • Now open the facebook password sniper verification code.exe file and run it as per the instructions
  • Click on Start Hack button
  • That sheet!

In case of any errors while using this Facebook password sniper all you need to do is update .NET Framework to check if by accident the .dll file has been deleted. This file comes along with the download. In case this file has been deleted, all you need to do it download the file again and nothing needs to be deleted.

Download Facebook Password Sniper 2017


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Facebook Sniper

It is another method to hack anyone’s password from the working facebook sniper tool. This software usually takes about 2 or 3 minute to hack anyone’s password. We have tested this software on different account and it works for 100%. This software is totally free to download from this website. You can download it from below given link. Now we are sharing the screenshot of this facebook password sniper tool below.

facebook password sniper hack tool

Above is the live snapshot of working facebook password sniper tool. As you can see in the screenshot you just need to enter the Username or ID of the victim’s profile. and then click on the item you want to retrieve i.e. email or password. Then click on proceed button. Right side you will see the victim’s profile information. Now click on Hack button, you will see the pop up message containing the password of the victim profile.

If you get any error while installing or using this facebook password sniper tool then you check the installed .NET framework whether it is updated or not. This is the only website share this working facebook password sniper tool for free.

Sometimes some accounts that you might want to hack are protected with with a very long and strong password. In this case you should consider using a keylogger or a phisher, which will allow you to get access to that account. Though this is a very rare scenario and using Facebook password sniper should work fine for you. Remember do not upload this facebook password sniper tool on internet openly.

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