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Facebook Graph Search 2015

facebook graph search 2015

What is happening?

What is not new in facebook? Ask the facebook addict this question and he will scream out the answer everything. The number of people you meet increases as the days go by, new contacts are created, more ideas are shared, many professionals can be known. The buzz word here is more!. It is true of other social networks also such as twitter and the professional networking site linkedin. They all put together generate a new generation of youngsters who are more on their own yet each can have a mentor if they want. Mentoring has taken a different shape due to this.

Is it for real?

Here. We discuss about the new facebook trends which are created by the new generation of youngsters which our parents’ generation have not. The most important trend that it has created is not just socializing but the serious matter for all of us: job search. What has been a socializing medium has now taken a new face which focuses on the most important aspect of life. One can see what these trends mean on stan softech as well. The long list of people in the contacts section, gives an opportunity to keep in touch with various professionals. They may be willing to act as mentors and always give the all needed tips to guide in your career graph. Socializing has made the brand name stand out and so can your name and face.

The world in a web:

A new trend is the web that is created around individuals all around the world and it has become even smaller than before. This web has people who share the same interests, as well as related interests which can be well co ordinate to make it happen in the real life job search. When enthusiasts meet, a new foundation is created not only to serve oneself but also the community. Your profile gets highlighted and well known among the employers and a rapport is created and better relationships are maintained. Here, a reference is created automatically and the job seeker need not run around for references. The employer himself becomes the reference. How interesting!

Land the dream job:

Multitasking happens and one can do it without the stress involved in it. The views of the others in the network has been shown as feedback which can be used to improve the brand or the career skills of the individual to meet what the hirer wants in you. Facebook has really made a difference in many lives for the good. The skills sets that recruiters look for can be known, the traits that need to be developed to land a good job includes a vision for you and for the company, research about the company, educating oneself of the required subjects, ones’ interests, a strategy to achieve all these are a must.

Develop skills:

Career aptitude can learned through your friends and the professionals in the field, preparing for the interview, making a good presentation, both oral and as a report are a must haves. Preparing a good resume if you are a beginner and how to remodel it when you already have experience can be learned as well. How to present oneself to the board and impress them is also a skill required to win the job. When you want to have a list of companies that have an opening suitable to you, then it can be searched with the help of facebook graph search. The icing on the cake is when you know the recruiter well and share his interests, and then one can land a dream job even without a resume! This is the wow moment we all look for.

There are many new developments which are yet to happen on facebook trends and one needs to be in touch with the contact group and be well informed for which you can also refer to stan softech.

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