Develop your next gen rich website with AngularJs JavaScript framework by Google

Probably you are not excited much hearing this and thinking “Oh ! Another JavaScript library in the market….”. However you will be excited when you will go through this article on AngularJs by Google.

First of all AngularJs is not a JavaScript library like jQuery. This is a complete client side framework developed by JavaScript and Designed by Google engineers for the next generation future websites. The framework was developed keeping in mind only the front end GUI web application which can handle dynamic data easily and smoothly.The main problem that any GUI developer face is to make the web application handle dynamic data which is really not possible with HTML. The JavaScript libraries like jQuery which can only help if you want to control the DOM elements more than data. However AngularJs solves the problem and it works like a charm. You can think of developing dynamic templates without worrying about large scale data binding when you will use AngularJs.

AngularJs comes with the following features which will definitely make you jump on the floor-

    • Easy REST handling – in AngularJs writing just one line of code can quickly talk to the server and get all the data to interact in the page
  • Data Binding or template – AngularJs supports dynamic data binding which minimizes the amount of HTML. Moreover developer can concentrate on other part and no need to worry about handling data and AngularJs will take care of this. AngularJs supports data binding, two-way data binding and conditionals handling, loops like for in and foreach, model binding etc.
  • Localization supports
  • Unit Testing- AngularJs comes with built in unit testing
  • Easy learning curve
  • Google Supported – Complete support by Google engineers

Starting with AngularJs is very easy. See below the code and the demo-

<!doctype html>
 <input type="text" />

Hello {{name}}!

I believe now you are thinking to include this framework for your next web application. Happy coding with AngularJs and don’t forget to share me your experience.

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