Kaikus” is an implementation of the term “Technology” in a broader concept. Your search from the age-old simple tools to modern day “State-of-the-art Technology” ends with game-class.com. Starting from the Paleolithic ‘Crowbar’ or “Wooden Spoon” to modern day complex machines including a “Space Station” or a “Particle Accelerator” and so called Virtual Technologies such as “Computer Software” or “Complex Business Methods” – all under the same Cube. kaikus has been launched with a view to help you reach the leading edge of technology. We offer you with unparallel and most recent inventions of today – a unique approach to quench your thirst for technology.

Kaikus Team:

Kaikus has a group of most efficient and dedicated Team, who are constantly under research to focus on the techniques required to understand the business needs and customer objectives – finally drawing an end to recent Technology Trends.

The technology blog has hi-tech Contributing Editors, Authors and Guest Contributors from across the globes who are continuously putting their costly efforts to meet your thirst for technology. The blog has been founded on 2008 by Suvoraj and Moumita and since then it has grown up.

We value your suggestions:

Kaikus mainly focuses on the customer requirements and needs. So every piece of advice and suggestion from your end is valued most. Your single piece of valued advice is a giant leap for us. You are always invited to share your views with us at [email protected]

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