Action figures

Action figures – a dream for collectors

From just about every area there are special collections and therefore people who develop a passion for collecting certain things. Action figures are a rather unusual collection area, but there are enough collectors who deal with it.

The first figures and the cult of the 80s

The history of action figures this goes back to the 60s in the US. The first action figure in the market was probably GI Joe from Hasbro, a series that has sold successfully for many years. It started doing the so-called “America’s movable fighting man” before the team was enlarged by GI Joe with the “Adventure Team” in the 70s. In the 80 years the series has been expanded. In addition to the game characters and vehicles have been published. Of course collector attach great importance to the fact that the figures are still sealed in their original packaging. Especially the figures of the GI Joe series, therefore, have a particularly high collecting value as there are hardly any figures from the early days of the series that have not yet been unpacked.

In the 80s, emerged many other series, which still have a cult status to this day and inspire many collectors. One of the most famous series is certainly He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. It is interesting that of Mattel a little later a series of figures for girls was published, with which one could celebrate successes in this target population. She-Ra Princess of Power was the sister of He-Man, with a common animated series and movies the two series linked together repeatedly. While the figures of He-Man persuaded by their skills in combat, the She-Ra were decked out dolls with pretty dresses. Also the 80 comes from the action series MASK, in which the figures were only partially interesting. In return, the vehicles in armed fighter jets, submarines, jet fighters and the like could transform more. A little reminiscent this also to the Transformers, who thanks to the matching feature films experienced a kind of revival.

From the ’90s until today

Early 90s conquered the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles not only the television and the cinema, but also the shelves of collectors. A little later it was the Mighty Morphin` Power Rangers from Japan which caused a stir. Again, you could combine different robot to a large Mech. The recent action series could build more compared to the series of the 80’s not so big cult status. This may also be because there are too many series such as “Ben 10″ and the like, so spread the fans on several series.

Games banned

Correct collector taking care that their action figures are in their original packaging. Just as they also have the certain value to collectors. Since it sometimes other types, colors and series as in Europe was of most series in the US and there, such models are highly sought after by collectors straight. Of course playing with the figures is taboo, because only in the packaging without damaging the figures have their collector’s value.