Online Whatsapp Hacking & Whatsapp Spy Tool 2016

Today we are sharing all new working whatsapp hack tool 2016. This is the new tool to hack your friends whatsapp account for free. As we all know whatsapp is the best messanger to hangout with your friends. Every 2nd person is using whatsapp this days. Now its time to hack whatsapp account of everyone. Yes it is right, you can hack anyone whatsapp account with this new whatsapp hack tool.

whatsapp hacking tool

It is not easy to hack whatsapp account with whatsapp spy or any other keylogger software. So here we are providing you the new best working whatsapp hack tool which can hack all the message of your friends account. It is very easy to use this whatsapp hacker tool from this website. There are some of the questions come in your mind like:

  • Can I hack anyone’s whatsapp account?
  • Can I read anyone’s whatsapp messages?
  • How to hack whastapp account?
  • Haw to hack whatsapp online?
  • What is the best and free whatsapp hack tool?

Here the answer is yes. Yes you can hack anyone’s whatsapp account. Yes you can read everyone’s whatsapp account. It is easy to hack whatsapp account. You can do it free from our given whatsapp hack tool. There are lots of ways available to hack whatsapp account. We are using here the hack name GC Whatsapp Hack tool.

Whatsapp Hack Tool Snapshot

whatsapp hack tool 2016

How To Hack Whatsapp Account?

Step 1: First download whatsapp hack tool from below given download links

Step 2: Now check the snapshot about this is the screen you will get when you open whatsapp hack tool

Step 3: Now first type Victim’s mobile number

Step 4: Select which data you would like to get from here

Step 5: Select what do you want to see hacked files

Step 6: Click on big green Hack Now button

Download Whatsapp Hack Tool

WhatsApp Spy Tool

It is very easy to spy anyone’s whatsapp account. Someone rightly said that prevantion is better than cure. So people need to spy the whatsapp of their children or partner. So here we are sharing this whatsapp spy application for free. You just need to click on this link to download whatsapp spy application for free.

If you have any query then you can comment below. We will try to solve your query as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting the page.

Top 5 Most Awaited Games Of 2016

Games are never going to die till the world Exists. 2012 might be rumoured to be the End ! But for Gaming Geeks it is another year of expecting a good number of Games worth loosening the pockets. Last year it was with great appreciations received for GTA IV, F1 2011 , Uncharted 3 and many more. Here is a list of 10 Games of 2012 that are expected to take the Gaming world with a storm.

 List OF MOST Awaited Games Of 2016:

most awaited games 2016


HALO series has always been a good entertainer over the years and with HALO 4 releasing, it might just be the beginning of a change. Change? I say the way Games have been developed. For your information HALO4 is being developed by  343 Industries, American Gaming development company.  The game will mark the return of the Master Chief as the main character in the game to tackle his own destiny and face an ancient evil, Cortana, a character which also appeared in the previous series of Halo.

GTA 5:

GTA has never been a Game with any specific Mission or a target but still quite a popular game.  GTA 5 is going to be released in the name of ROCKSTAR productions and is expected to be a run away hit.


MASS EFFECT has always been a heart throbbed Game which has one several awards for the Fiction in the Game. Developed by Canadian Company BIOWARE. The 3rd part seems to be the final part of the gaming series which revolved around  Commander Shepard and his/her mission to save the galax from the reapers.

MAX PAYENE has been in this arena since I was a little child and not ot surprise the hits it has produced, MAX PAYENE 3 should be a one to watch out for. The Shooter Game is developed by a Finnish developers REMEDY ENTERTAINMENT.


GUILD WARS is an episodic series of Online Gaming and has been developed by Areanet. Supporting Single Player as well as Double player gaming mode it is liked by many just for the latter. The games continues the first part and is the emergence of Destiny’s Edge. This game is also said to be unique for the Story line being responsive to Players interaction i.e based on your actions the story line will pop to you.